Apple Logic Pro 8: Expand Logic Pro with Rewire-Compatible Synthesizers and Programs

OBJECTIVE: ReWire programs like Ableton Live or Propellerhead Software Reason into Logic Pro 8.BACKGROUND: ReWiring with Logic Pro to stream audio into Logic Pro’s mixer used to be complex, but version 8 simplifies the process greatly. We’ll show how to ReWire Reason’s mixed output into Logic, then how to assign Reason instruments to individual tracks. Make sure Reason is not open before opening Logic.


  1. Assuming there’s an open Logic project, click on Track and select New.
  2. In the New Tracks dialog box select 1 track, External MIDI, and Open Library. Then, click on Create.
  3. Under the Library tab, your ReWire devices appear. Double-click on (in this example) Reason, or whatever ReWire device you want to use. The ReWire device will launch.
  4. Click on the Mixer tab, and under Options, select Create New Auxiliary Channel Strips. 
  5. Specify the Format (stereo), Input, and Output. Under Input, select Reason and RW:Mix L/R to pick up Reason’s mixed output; then click on Create.
  6. Assuming the Mixer tab is still selected, you’ll see Reason’s output appear as a track.
  7. You can also bring individual instruments into tracks. Repeat steps 4 and 5, but this time select a different input, then click on Create. Here Reason output channels 3+4 are being selected, because Dr. REX has been patched into these outputs in Reason itself. 
  8. A new track appears with the individual instrument. Keep repeating step 7 until you’ve assigned all desired instruments.


  • Step 8 is a good time to rename your tracks. Assuming Track Name is selected under View, double-click on the track name and enter text into the text field.
  • The ReWire-compatible program has to be opened after Logic Pro, and closed before Logic Pro.