Applied Acoustics Systems has released the Synth City sound pack for the Chromaphone 2 and AAS Player plug-ins in collaboration with AAS sound designer Adam Pietruszko.

Resident sound designer Adam Pietruszko embraces retro-futurism with Synth City—a collection of 100 presets amalgamating the nostalgia of the 1980s’ vibe with Chromaphone 2’s modern twist. Plunge into synthwave and retrowave territory all the way through futuresynth, darksynth, outrun, retro-electro, nu disco, and synth-pop with this lavish sound pack. Capturing the aesthetic of VHS B movies’ music, Synth City excels at synthesizer melodies straight out of science fiction, cyberpunk, horror, and action film soundtracks. Synth City proposes a plethora of hooks—spanning from cheese to darkness—perfect to celebrate the atmosphere of the 80s and craft your own alternative timeline.

Product Details
The Synth City sound pack is available now as an instant download delivery package. Synth City works with both the Chromaphone 2 plug-in (sold separately) and the included AAS Player plug-in.

AAS Synth City —Adam Pietruszko sound pack for Chromaphone 2 and AAS Player

The AAS plug-ins run on both Windows and Mac OS X and support the VST, Audio Units, AAX Native, RTAS, and NKS plug- in formats.

50% Off Special Promotion
To mark the release, everything Chromaphone 2 is 50% off until June 18, 2019. The discounts are as follows:

The Synth City sound pack $19.
The Chromaphone 2 plug-in $99.
The Chromaphone 2 +PACKS bundle $169.
The Chromaphone 2 Upgrade +SYNTH CITY for Chromaphone 1 users $39. 

All Chromaphone 2 sound packs are $19 each.

Chromaphone 2 +PACKS bundles the Chromaphone 2 plug-in, the new Synth City sound pack, and 12 additional sound packs.

For the time of the promotion, the Chromaphone 2 Upgrade for Chromaphone 1 users includes the new Synth City sound pack.

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