Are You an Audio Insider?

If you are a regular visitor to, you've probably noticed that some of our articles are now accessible only with a paid registration. In

If you are a regular visitor to, you've probably noticed that some of our articles are now accessible only with a paid registration. In early August we launched an exciting new premium-content site called Audio Insider (AI). However, the transition has been confusing to some of our readers, so before I give you the scoop on AI, let me explain how Electronic Musician and relate to one another.

Last month I introduced the digital edition of EM, which is identical to the print version but adds the convenience of clickable links. An annual digital subscription costs the same as for print ($23.97); for $6 more ($29.97) you can get both the electronic and paper editions. Digital edition subscribers receive EM in full before it hits the newsstand.

Beginning this month, much of the current issue will go online at immediately. Many articles will be available for free, such as “What's New,” the review section, product roundups, “Square One,” and “Tech Page.” Keeping “Square One” free allows us to refer readers to important articles about audio and recording fundamentals. (In fact, we will soon launch eMusician 101, a free area on that conveniently aggregates all such articles.) On top of that, more multimedia content is being added to on a monthly basis, including Podcasts and videos. The remaining features and columns will become part of Audio Insider when they go online each month.

But you get more from being an AI member than the ability to see the current issue on the Web. You'll have access to EM's most sought-after archive articles, as well as downloadable sounds and exclusive video tutorials and Podcasts. The standard membership also includes a subscription to the digital edition of EM, and lets you read articles from Mix and Remix so you can further expand your knowledge about music technology. To sweeten the deal, you'll receive benefits with music-industry services from major players: a duplication discount from Discmakers; 10 minutes of free tech support from Obedia; a year of free Web hosting on Broadjam; and discounts on purchases at If you're not sure you're ready for a yearly commitment to Audio Insider ($49.95), you can try it out for a month ($5.95).

If you are serious about audio production, check out the premium AI membership ($99.95), which gives you an annual digital-edition subscription to all three magazines. We'll even send you a Mix UA-1 large-diaphragm condenser mic when you sign up for the premium level of AI. For more details, visit us online.

EM will continue to put cool stuff on For example, Senior Editor Mike Levine has posted an interview with Thomas Dolby, who graciously gave us a few moments of his time as he prepared for a new album and tour. TD last appeared on our cover in June 1986, and it seemed appropriate to include him in our feature on Web-based collaboration because his career epitomizes the DIY attitude toward music technology that is at the core of EM's coverage.

Many other things are in store as we keep you abreast of new technologies. So stay tuned!