Arturia favorites DrumBrute and MicroBrute combine versatile, tweakable analog sound, generous connectivity, fun design, and performable controls into powerful, affordable creative packages.

Now with the introduction of the limited edition Creation series, these modern gems have been updated with a fresh new look and a contemporary design, encouraging creativity and the capturing inspiration.


Emblazoned with a shadowy recreation of the iconic fresco “The Creation of Adam” by Renaissance master Michelangelo, and decked out with stark metallic, high-contrast livery, DrumBrute Creation and MicroBrute Creation look bold and sound even better. 


Individually, each instrument can help you create music in new ways. Combining classic, award-winning design and sound with a head-turning aesthetic, these limited edition analog music-makers have been designed to inspire.


DrumBrute Creation is an addictive analog drum machine that packs 17 unique analog drum synth sounds, each with their own dedicated sequencer channel and discrete output, which gives you tight control over your groove and sound. Drumbrute Creation invites experimentation, letting you process each drum sound differently to create a unique kit for your music. Its performance-oriented sequencer lets you breeze through beat-creation, and its live controls let you add beat-repeat flourishes, analog filter sweeps, and more.


The “small but mighty” MicroBrute Creation is a hands-on synthesizer with a massive sound, 2-octave keyboard, sequencer, wave-shaping oscillators, acidic filter, CV connectivity, and a mod matrix, all in the same footprint as a piece of printer paper. A great instrument for learning synthesis basics, it also has enough features to keep experienced synthesists curious.