Arturia Matrix-12 V

Bringing back the ’80s (without all that hair)
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If capturing the Oberheim Matrix-12 in software were an easy task, then Arturia would have done it years ago. Once again, those wizards from Grenoble have pulled off a deft technological feat, thanks to a unique talent for bringing vintage classics back to life as virtual instruments.

The legendary Matrix-12 may have been the ultimate analog polysynth in the mid- to late ’80s. Its dozen multitimbral voices graced many familiar tracks with luxurious sounds you’ll instantly recognize if you know what to listen for. This musical monster had mod routing that ran rings around its rivals and exceptionally versatile filters with 15 resonant types. You could layer 24 oscillators in unison, each generating several waveforms simultaneously, or divide your sound palette into 6 keyboard zones on different channels. Matrix-12 V is faithful to the original in stunning detail, actually improving on its namesake by making its complex user interface far easier to maneuver. Unlike the original, Matrix-12 V also supplies a suite of effects for polishing the Oberheim sound to a warm, swirling glow that could lend your tracks a vintage studio vibe. Matrix-12 V is a winner every step of the way.