Arturia V Collection 5

Pretty keys with a Synclavier on top
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With astonishing enhancements to its existing lineup, as well as the addition of five impressive instrument models—Synclavier V, Farfisa V, Stage-73 V, B-3 V and Piano V—Arturia’s V Collection 5 ($499) far surpasses its previously lofty standards at a more affordable price. Beautiful new interfaces, fit for 4K displays, are adorned with more intuitive browsers for perusing the plug-ins’ ever-expanding libraries.

Arturia fuses spot-on instrument modeling with clever new abilities, such as bonus additive synthesis on the Farfisa V. However, the stunning Synclavier V really sets off this bundle. Created in collaboration with original NED Synclavier designer Cameron Jones, the Synclavier V re-imagines one of the most sought-after synths of all time with an interface that is light-years ahead of the original. Its complex sonic possibilities capture the spirit of the legendary additive-plus-FM synth engine. Although Synclavier V deserves an award all on its own, the V Collection 5 wins hands down.