ARX Releases ISO Balancer DI

Totally Passive Device with No Power Requirements
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ARX Systems, the Australian based designer and manufacturer of Digital and Analogue interface and signal processing products, is very pleased to announce the addition of the new ISO Balancer DI passive direct box to their AudiBox range of Precision Tools for Audio Professionals.

The new ISO Balancer DI converts unbalanced audio signals from sources including Computers, Tablets and Smart Phones to balanced, low impedance signals suitable for use with professional equipment and long cable runs. Transformer ground isolation ensures low-noise operation, preventing ground loops and other extraneous noise.

The ISO Balancer DI features industry standard 1/4" Jacks, RCA and 3.5mm Mini Jack inputs to cover all connector types, and transformer balanced Left and Right XLR outputs.

As an added feature the Iso Balancer DI also features a Mono switch allowing Stereo signals to be easily summed to mono.

The ISO Balancer DI is a totally passive device with no power requirements, making it a truly universal and reliable problem solver.

ARX Products are distributed in North America by the Olsen Audio Group, Inc. of Scottsdale Arizona.

Full details on the new Audibox ISO Balancer DI