ATR Magnetics Announces Future of Mastering Grade Analog Tape

ATR Magnetics, (, the York, Pa.-based manufacturer of high quality analog mastering grade tape, announced today after its successful launch at the recent AES Convention in New York that the professional music industry can now order the company’s new Master Tape.
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Unfortunately, according to ATR Magnetics, the industry as a whole has moved decisively into the digital realm and, as such, the need for high quantities of high quality mastering tape has eroded significantly in past years. This development has left analog manufacturers wondering about their future in this market, and those dedicated consumers who love analog wondering if this is the end.

“If sales do not pick up, we will have to rethink our long term plans for Master Tape and the York, Pa. facility," said an ATR Magnetics partner. “The music industry shouted loud and clear that it needed a high quality analog tape and now it is available. Now the question is: will demand result in actual sales or will mastering grade analog tape die? Our Master Tape has received great response in Nashville, New York, and Los Angeles. However, volume sales have yet to materialize.”

Precision magnetic tape manufacturing is arguably one of the most tedious and expensive industrial processes to perfect. ATR Magnetics engineering started in the Spring of 2004 with the manufacturing plant successfully running production volume in October this year.

ATR Magnetic’s Master Tape is available on precision hubs and flanges in 2,500 ft, 10.5-inch reels in 2-inch, 1-inch, and ½-inch widths.

For more information, please visit ATR Magentics at or call 800-971-3989.