Audient iD14

An affordable interface with consolequality preamps
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Audient, a company whose analog mixing consoles cost multiple thousands of dollars, made a splash on the market this year with an audio interface priced below $300. That got our attention, especially when we discovered that it included the company’s console mic preamps.

The iD14 is a two-input desktop USB interface that also sports an optical input for adding more channels with an external unit (not included). What makes it stand alone at its price point is sound quality and very low latency for a USB interface. Audient’s iD software makes configuring its features and setting up cue mixes a breeze. Using the iD Function button, you can access a range of additional features including “Scroll Control” mode, which lets you use the large multifunction knob that normally controls output level to scroll your computer screen just like it was a mouse’s scroll wheel. Add in 48V phantom power and solid metering, and you’ve got yourself an amazing interface— and a great deal.