Audio-Technica AT5045

A versatile, sweet-sounding mic for capturing instrument sounds
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When Audio-Technica announced the AT5045, a condenser designed for instrument miking and the second entry in the company’s 50 Series, we were eager to give it a try. This was due in part to A-T’s reputation for making quality microphones, but also because the first mic in the series, the AT5050 large-diaphragm vocal condenser was quite impressive. Ditto for the AT5045.

When tested on acoustic guitar, resonator guitar, mandolin, fiddle, and banjo, the results were crisp, present, and realistic, with very little experimentation needed to find a sweet spot. On a guitar amp, the mic delivered big-time, as well. Thanks to its fast transient response and impressively high SPL rating of 149 dB, it’s also an excellent choice for drum and percussion miking. The AT5045 sounded great on every source we tried it on, so how could we not give it an award?