Audio-Technica Offers New Option for Flagship ATH-M50 Studio Headphones with ATH-M50s Straight-Cable Version

 The ATH-M50s is identical to the original coiled-cable ATH-M50, but features a straight cord, perfect for studio tracking and other applications.

Audio-Technica debuts a straight-cable option for its flagship ATH-M50 professional studio monitor headphones, the new ATH-M50s. Offering the exact same comfort and superior audio quality as their original coiled-cable counterparts, the ATH-M50s headphones were created for end users who prefer straight-cable professional studio headphones for tracking and other applications. The ATH-M50s professional studio monitor headphones, with a single-sided 11' straight cable terminating to a 3.5 mm stereo connector with screw-on 1/4" adapter, are now available with a U.S. MSRP of $199.00. The original ATH-M50 coiled-cable headphones are currently available with a U.S. MSRP of $199.00. About ATH-M50 Professional Studio Monitor Headphones.

Embodying the company's latest transducer technology, the ATH-M50 (coiled cable) and new ATH-M50s (straight cable) headphones offer the highest level of sonic accuracy. The ATH-M50's innovative design was engineered to provide hours of maximum comfort in applications ranging from broadcast to studio/recording uses. The ATH-M50 headphones feature an efficient collapsible design ideal for easy portability and convenient storage. Employing Audio-Technica's proprietary 45 mm large-aperture drivers with neodymium magnet systems and CCAW voice coils, the ATH-M50 headphones have exceptional power handling and very high SPL capabilities while delivering clear, natural, accurate sound with impactful bass and high-frequency extension. The ATH-M50 also features a closed-back cushioned earcup providing exceptional clarity and superior isolation in high-volume listening situations. In addition, the circumaural earpieces swivel a full 180º for easy one-ear monitoring. The ATH-M50 has a lightweight and adjustable cushioned headband for maximum listening comfort. An OFC litz wire cable at the left earpiece terminates to a gold-plated 1/8" connector with included professional screw-on 1/4" adapter.