Audionamix ADX VVC 3.0

Transparently adjust vocal levels within a stereo mix
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ADX VVC (Vocal Volume Control) 3.0 is a unique plug-in from Audionamix that lets you adjust the volume and pan position of a vocal track that is embedded in a stereo mix, without having to access the original multitrack recording. VVC uses multi-algorithmic vocal extraction technology (VEX) to separate a lead vocal, and then gives you the ability to adjust volume up to ±12 dB or pan position 60 percent to the left or right. You can also separate the reverb in the vocal track when separating a vocal from the mix.

VVC 3.0 also features a Melody Mode for extracting a monophonic melody instrument such as a guitar, horn, or lead synth. Separation is done online using Audionamix’s ADX servers, and access is provided when you purchase the software.

Our reviewer Michael Cooper thought ADX VVC 3.0 could very well be the “miracle cure you need” for fixing older master recordings that were poorly mixed or are not up to today’s standards. And considering that it’s priced below $200, ADX VVC 3.0 is even harder to resist.