Audionamix, an industry leader in audio source separation, has announced the highly requested Windows version of Xtrax Stems, the fully-automatic, cloud based stem creator. Xtrax Stems separates any song into drum, vocal, and remaining music components. Created for DJs, music producers, and remix artists, Xtrax Stems allows users to create multitrack content to control during live sets, opening up possibilities for creative remixing, sampling, and a capella creation.

Xtrax Stems Windows3
Xtrax Stems Windows2

Xtrax Stems can be used also by musicians to practice along with their favorite tracks. Singers and drummers can play along with the song with the vocals or drums muted. They can also listen to soloed vocal or drum parts to spot details of the original performance, vocal harmonies, and mixing techniques.

Pre-order the Windows version of Xtrax Stems now for a special rate of $79, a $20 savings off the regular price.

Customers will receive an email notification as soon as Xtrax Stems for Windows is released and be available for download from their
Audionamix Account page.

Existing Xtrax Stems license holders will also get an update that’s both Mac and Windows compatible upon the Windows version release.

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