Audiothingies Announces the P6

A Virtual Analog Polysynth DIY Kit
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Audiothingies announces the P6, a virtual analog polysynth DIY kit

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The P6 is a new stylish tabletop-format polysynth featuring 2 variable-shape oscillators, 1 sub oscillator, 1 resonant filter with several modes (4-pole ladder filter, 2-pole svf), 3 LFO's, 3 envelopes and a modulation matrix per voice.
Thanks to its well laid-out user interface, editing a sound on the P6 is very easy and straight forward.

On top of the synthesis possibilities, the P6 offers an intelligent chorder (with key/scale selection), a handy arpeggiator and an effect slot (currently a stereoizer effect is available).

Audiothingies' team plans to continue the P6 development with added new features in future free firmware updates.

The Audiothingies P6 is available as a DIY kit with different options to choose from :
- Bare minimal kit (pcb, assembled brain board, assembled dac board) : 82,5€ ex vat | 99€ inc vat
- Full kit (minimal kit + all needed components) : 132,5€ ext vat | 159€ inc vat
- Full kit including case : 165,83€ ex vat | 199€ inc vat

Videos, sound samples and detailed specifications available on

About Audiothingies
Audiothingies is a trade mark owned by a company named MCDA based in Dijon - France, specialized in electronic music instruments.