The Audiowerkstatt Trigger2midi2trigger v2 is now on sale. This compact box converts analog trigger-clock signals to MIDI-clock signals and vice versa, or you can use it as an analog trigger-tool. It functions just like the original Audiowerkstatt Trigger2midi2trigger, except version 2 can now store its settings, and it has a sturdier enclosure of powder-coated steel.


For customers ordering the Trigger2midi2trigger v2 from outside of Germany the price before shipping will be 192.44 euros.

Trigger2midi2trigger v2 adjustable parameters:

• Clock-source (MIDI-clock or analog trigger-clock)

• Trigger-type of the analog input (s-trigger or v-trigger)

• Trigger-type of the analog output (s-trigger or v-trigger)

• Clock-divider of the incoming analog trigger-clock (1/4, 1/8. 1/16 or


• Clock-divider of the outgoing analog trigger-clock (1/4, 1/8. 1/16 or


• Pulse-length of the outgoing analog trigger-clock (adjustable in 6

steps, the pulse-length is calculated dependent on clock-divider and



As an analog trigger-tool, the Trigger2midi2trigger v2 offers:

• “S-trigger” to “v-trigger” converter

• “V-trigger” to “s-trigger” converter

• Analog clock-divider

• Analog clock-multiplier

• Gate to trigger converter

• Trigger-to-gate converter with adjustable gate-length