Audiowerkstatt MIDI-Clock-Multiplier is Now on Sale

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The counterpart to the Audiowerkstatt MIDI-Clock-Divider, the MIDI-Clock-Multiplier is now on sale. Each module costs 119 euros, including 19% tax, or 100 euros for export outside of Europe.

The MIDI-Clock-Multiplier multiplies the MIDI-clock of the MIDI-master—by a selectable factor of 1-9x—whereby the MIDI-slave runs correspondingly faster. With the multiplier 1 selected, the MIDI-clock is simply passed through. With the multiplier of 2 the MIDI-slave runs at double speed, so 16ths-notes will be 32th-notes, and so on up to a maximum multiplier of 9x.

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This is very useful if you have a slow song and want to add a new fast track to it that is faster than the master-clock. You can also use it for polyrhythmic parts. If an odd multiplier is selected and MIDI-master and slave seem to be not in sync, from time to time they will come together in perfect sync.

You can also set whether only the newly created MIDI-clock and MMC commands (start, stop, continue) are sent or mixed with the MIDI-in incoming data.

By contrast, the MIDI-Clock-Divider divides the MIDI clock of the MIDI-master to be slower by fractions of 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6, 1/7, 1/8 or 1/9.