Audulus 3

Powerful synthesis and real-time audio processing for iOS devices
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Looking for a customizable, performance-oriented programming environment for iOS? Audulus 3 offers a wealth of modules and nodes that can be used to create highly personalized, low-latency audio processors and polyphonic instruments with gesture control. Inside, you’ll find common components such as oscillators, filters, delays, sequencers, and effects, as well as more exotic items like logic modules and mathematic expressions.

Mono and stereo effects can be combined in an Audulus 3 patch, and every parameter can be modulated. The GUI uses the familiar drag-and-connect system for connecting modules and nodes, and you can patch in real time without getting unwanted pops or clicks.

The app utilizes 32-bit floating point signal processing, supports MIDI control and iCloud synchronization, is enhanced for Retina displays, and is supported by desktop versions for Mac, Windows, and Linux OS. Audulus 3 provides such a powerful and robust set of modular tools on the iOS platform that we couldn’t help but recognize it with an award.