Auganizer Intros Audio Units App for OSX

Rename, Reorder, and Organize AU Files
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Finally, it is possible to rename, reorder, organise and arrange your Audio Units the way YOU want to. We are proud to introduce Auganizer, the world's first comprehensive Audio Unit management app for OSX.

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Until now, renaming and arranging your Audio Units in Logic, Ableton and Garageband has been impossible. Since its release by Apple the Audio Unit standard has not allowed for your own naming and organising conventions. Now, for the first time, Auganizer makes it simple to arrange plugins by group, sub group and custom name, for straightforward filing and identification.

We’ve built powerful filtering and search tools into the app, allowing the user to instantly find and edit the plugins to be renamed. Multiple plugins can be selected at once, and renamed into the same top group or sub group quickly and easily - perfect for organising all your EQ or Compressors in one uncomplicated process.

In order to make identifying your plugins even easier, we've also added OSX's native Cover Flow to the list of features. This loads up GUI's of your plugins, enabling you to instantly recognise even the most obscure plugins on your system for organising. Using Auganizer, you can also disable plugins for Logic X, work with 32bit and 64bit plugins, and export and import your existing settings. Best of all, we work directly with Logic (versions 7 to X), Ableton and Garageband so there is no need to rescan your plugins each time you make changes; simply close and reopen your sequencer and any changes you have made will be immediately visible.

Feedback so far indicates that Auganizer is destined to become the next must-have audio tool for both pro studio owners and keen hobbyists alike. Auganizer is available for $34.99 from, where you can also find plenty more useful information, including in-app screenshots. a getting started guide and recent product reviews and testimonials.