Auganizer Updated to v1.1.1

Used by Steve Angello from Swedish House Mafia
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A major update for Auganizer has been released, bringing it to version 1.1.1. It adds numerous new features and addresses all known issues.

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Auganizer allows you to rename, reorder, organise and arrange your Audio Units the way you want to. Until now, renaming and arranging your Audio Units in Logic, Garageband, Main Stage or other Audio Unit hosts has been impossible. Since its release by Apple the Audio Unit standard has not allowed for your own naming and organising conventions. Auganizer makes it simple to arrange plugins by group, sub group and custom name, for straightforward filing and identification.

The Auganizer team said “v1.1 is all about adding compatibility and functionality across the board. We've made lots of changes on the backend of the software to cater for just about every plugin out there and have worked closely with over 60 of the major Audio Unit plugin developers who have been fantastic supporting Auganizer since the start. Everything is silky smooth and running great and we've added a whole bunch of features since v1.01, we think producers, engineers and mixers are going to love the added creativity it can make to their work-flow”

Auganizer’s impact was declared no more perfectly than by Steve Angello of Swedish House Mafia fame was quoted on Twitter as saying “This has changed my life” - - certainly a ringing endorsement.

Its its first month Auganizer has fast become as must have tool for OSX and Logic Studio professionals and hobbyists alike. Auganizer v1.1.1 is available now from for $34.99.