Auralex Gets Personal With Its Sonicprint Propanels

 Photos and Logos Can Be Printed on Custom Acoustic Treatments

Auralex Acoustics, the industry leader in innovative sound control solutions, is allowing its dealers and customers to get personal with its SonicPrint ProPanels. Users can now download digital personal photography and/or corporate logos to the company’s website to be printed directly onto Auralex’s exclusive, first-to-market custom-printed, artistic ProPanels.

Auralex Acoustics new dedicated micro-site,, is an online portal for dealers to place orders directly through the Web site for the company’s SonicPrint custom ProPanels. Users can also download digital personal photography and corporate logos, to be printed on the custom acoustical panels. The site also offers Auralex’s entire library of images and design options available for SonicPrint. Design options are divided into several categories for easy and convenient ordering. These include artistic/textures, aquatic/animals, children, cultural, flowers/nature, food/beverage, historic/vintage, humor, independent artists, performing arts, motivational, movies, music, scenic and sports. The site also features Auralex’s noted Free Room Analysis Form, an installation guide as well as a dealer locator for consumers.

“We needed an avenue to showcase our impressive line-up of available images for our newest offering, SonicPrint,” says Tim Martin, director of sales and marketing for Auralex Acoustics. “This micro-site is also an easy and convenient place to upload digital images of any kind, while also offering informational materials on the science of acoustics as well as installation tips. Creating family portrait acoustical panels is a new concept in acoustics; this also opens the door to printing company logos to be installed in corporate settings, such as main lobby’s, boardrooms, etc.”

SonicPrint custom-printed, artistic ProPanels are fabric-covered acoustic absorptive panels designed as artwork. For the home theater and recording enthusiast, this exclusive offering opens the door to numerous décor options, as the acoustical panels are camouflaged under the design of the customer’s choice. Users are no longer limited to single color fabric choices, and can now outfit any space with paintings, drawings and photography of any kind. Auralex is also currently negotiating several licensed properties to provide additional graphic options.

Auralex ELiTE ProPanels are designed to reduce unwanted room reflections, slap and flutter echoes and provide a more pleasing and accurate listening environment. ELiTE ProPanels have a fiberglass core with chemically-hardened edges. From stock 2'x2'x1" and 2'x4'x1" panels perfect for small room environments, to custom 4'x8'x2" panels enabling full-frequency control of large spaces, ELiTE ProPanels provide professional, aesthetically-pleasing acoustic treatment in any facility. All ProPanels meet the Class A fire rating per ASTM E84, use in areas with strict fire codes. Standard wall-mounting hardware is included with all orders for easy installation.

Custom ProPanels allow virtually unlimited options regarding acoustic panel design. Custom ProPanels are available in any size up to 5'x10' with a thickness of either 3/4", 1", 2" or 4". Beyond standard rectangular panels, custom shapes, corners or edging can be created for a truly unique and stunning product.

Visit the Auralex web page at . Auralex can be reached via email at or by calling 1.800.959.3343.