Avatar Studios Turns 30: Leading With A Vision For Elite Recording

Three decades of success in New York City's fiercely competitive recording industry is worth celebrating, and in 2007 Avatar Studios (www.avatarstudios.net) is doing just that. In the year of its 30th Anniversary, Avatar's status as the ultimate recording destination is firmly in place.

"Avatar has thrived in today's challenging environment through the mastery of five critical crafts," says Kirk Imamura, President of Avatar Studios. "Since its inception in 1977 as The Power Station, this facility has been focused on the creation of great acoustics spaces; the appropriate use of each space to execute excellent recordings; maintaining and inventing the distinctive equipment we use; the constant training and retention of top engineers and support personnel has always been a top priority, as well.

"Those come together to hone the fifth, most essential practice:

honing a creative center where artists can arrive knowing that nothing will get in the way of their best work. In this way, Avatar connects them directly to their musical vision, and brings unforgettable music to the ears of the world."

From the moment that Tony Bongiovi and Bob Walters opened the doors at 54th Street in Hell's Kitchen on the acoustically unparalleled Studio A, the bar for recording quality worldwide was raised significantly. Since that cornerstone year, to its rebirth as Avatar Studios in 1996 and on through to today, the list of monumental artists who have created timeless hits there speaks for itself.

A very short list of the facility's clients includes David Bowie, the Count Basie Orchestra, Bruce Springsteen, Miles Davis, The Rolling Stones, Kiss, Aerosmith, Bob Dylan, Bon Jovi, Bryan Ferry, Madonna, Dire Straits, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Ozzy Osbourne, Bryan Adams, Robert Palmer, The Power Station, Duran Duran, Cyndi Lauper, Billy Joel, Eric Clapton, Norah Jones, Steve Winwood, Peter Gabriel and countless others.

To see the astounding extended list of artists, films, TV shows, and Broadway shows that have visited Avatar, go to avatarstudios.net/ aboutus/index.html).

Once inside the calmly inspirational atmosphere of Avatar, artists and music professionals have an extensive range of choices for creating content, ensconced in a highly professional complex designed to meet the evolved musical needs of today's media landscape.

Available facilities include:

Studio A - considered one of the greatest recording rooms in the world, the legendary Studio A is based around a custom Neve 8068 - the last 8068 ever built by Neve. The live room is approximately 48 feet wide by 52 feet long, with a ceiling height of 35 feet at its highest point (2,496 square feet). This space stands as one of the most famous and desirable reverberant chambers on the planet.

Studio B -- based around a Solid State Logic 9000J 72 input console, it pairs with an intimate live room which is approximately 20 feet wide by 30 feet long, with a ceiling height of 15 feet at its highest point (618 square feet).

Studio C - one of NYC's best-kept secrets, Studio C is based around a Neve VRP 72 input console. The gorgeous live room is approximately 24 feet wide by 40 feet long, with a ceiling height of 24 feet at its highest point (980 square feet). The room can be divided into three spacious isolated sections, including a room styled after Motown Studios.

Studio E - the newly launched Pro Tools suite. Ideal for affordable mixing, editing and mix-to-picture, it is equipped with a Pro Tools HD Accel System, a 37-inch HD-Ready Sharp Aquos flat panel LCD television, and a Lipinski L-707 speaker system.

Studio G - features a Solid State Logic 4000G+ Special Edition, 56- input console. The control room is approximately 400 square feet with a 10-foot ceiling, leading out to a 323 sq. ft. live room with a ceiling height of 12 feet at its highest point.

Studio R - Avatar/Power Station veteran Roy Hendrickson's Penthouse Mix Suite is built around a Yamaha DM 2000 digital console and an expanse of coveted, classic outboard gear. Located on the fourth floor, it opens out to rooftop access and an inspiring view of the Manhattan skyline.

Mastering -- Mastering services are provided by Fred Kevorkian in his room located on the 3rd floor. Kevorkian is one of the industry's most sought-after mastering engineers, with album credits including Ryan Adams, The White Stripes, Dave Matthews Band, Phish, Iggy Pop, The Walkmen, Cassandra Wilson and many, many more.

By expanding on a long-standing tradition of elite standards, technical innovation and unencumbered artistic expression, the 30th Anniversary of Avatar Studios sees it moving forward firmly in step with the ever-changing musical landscape. "A major studio in NYC isn't just in the record business anymore - it's in the music business - which works closely with film, TV, interactive entertainment and emerging media," Kirk Imamura observes. "Avatar has thrived by staying at the center of developments in every one of these areas.

"In celebrating our 30th Anniversary, all of us who are here now owe a debt of gratitude to the talented and passionate people that came before us," Imamura continues. "It's a privilege to be a part of Avatar Studios now, applying our skills towards a facility that is not just valued today, but will be valued tomorrow and far into the future."