Bag End Introduces Pro-Level Powered Subwoofers

Bag End has introduced two new pro-level powered subwoofers for the studio, the INFRAsub-18 Pro and INFRAsub-12 Pro. According to the manufacturer, the
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Bag End has introduced two new pro-level powered subwoofers for thestudio, the INFRAsub-18 Pro and INFRAsub-12 Pro. According to themanufacturer, the pro models offer control abilities for surroundmonitoring applications that were not available on the home-theatermodels.

An important new feature is an input card that offers six inputs andfive highpass filter outputs. In addition, an INFRA slave output iscalibrated to the internal amplifier for additional speaker modules. Aremote threshold indicator allows the dynamic filter to be monitoredremotely. Polarity and 10 dB attenuator switches allow you to make finetuning adjustments in order to better integrate the satellitespeakers.

Otherwise, the INFRAsub-18 Pro and INFRAsub-12 Pro are nearlyidentical to the home-theater versions. They are both powered by aninternal 400-watt amplifier and controlled by Bag End's exclusive dualintegrator. The INFRA processor gives the INFRAsub12 Pro the ability toproduce a flat frequency response down to 8 Hz.

The INFRAsub-18 Pro contains an 18-inch woofer and weighs 91 pounds.The INFRAsub-12 Pro is loaded with a 12-inch woofer and weighs 57pounds.

In other Bag End news, the company has unveiled its newestgeneration of bass signal processors, the INFRA-MX2. Technical changesinclude improved grounding, surface-mount technology to provide greaterreliability, an improved power supply, and the capacity to produce aflat response down to 8 Hz.

Bag End says that its dual processor technology "operates asubwoofer below resonance without the use of lowpass filters, thuseliminating filter delay, impedance bumps, and other irregularities. Inthe INFRA technology. The electrical signal goes through the INFRAelectronics before the power amplifier, as it would with a conventionalelectronic crossover. Inside the INFRA electronics, a slope is appliedto the signal by the use of dual integrators lifting the lowfrequencies by 12 dB per octave."

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