Bandcamp offers Artists Crowdfunding for Vinyl Pressing

The service is a supposedly risk-free way to give fans more groove
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In our digital world of streaming and subscriptions, Bandcamp is one of the best ways to get paid for your music. But the newest move from the platform sees it set to cover another base in distribution, with the opportunity to sell vinyl pressings.

Set up a campaign on Bandcamp, and you can start taking orders at a price you determine. When your minimum number of backers or orders is reached, the platform will take care of pressing and sending out copies. This means there's no risk of being out of pocket if the response isn't what you'd hoped for.

Assumedly, with so many potential customers, Bandcamp can place large orders and use this buying power to keep costs down, although naturally the actual costs will still be taken out of the money received from your record-buying customers.

Bandcamp says that its "manufacturing partner has over 60 years experience producing vinyl, ensuring your record will sound, and look, its best." Design-wise, the artist is given the full say over how things will look.

While a few campaigns are taking place right now, likely as a sort of pilot scheme, Bandcamp says that the service will open to all artists and labels "later this year".

James Russell

As well as being an Editor At Large for Electronic Musician, James also dispenses software news and views as the co-host of Appetite For Production Podcast, and tweets on Twitter as rusty_jam. You can find his 'collected works' at his website, XoverFreq.