Releases Magnetic and Global Beats unveiled two new loop collections today for the GarageBand community. The collections are available via electronic delivery, along with all current Bandmates products via their website.

BM021 - Bandmates Drummer - Magnetic Beats

Feel the electric force of techno dance rhythms with Bandmates Drummer - Magnetic Beats. This collection is ready to go almost anywhere- from dark and edgy to bright and electric. A solid foundation for dance grooves and hip-hop.

BM019 - Bandmates Drummer - Global Beats

Building on a rhythm track with local style is often difficult. Instead, go global with Bandmates Drummer - Global Beats and create projects that will get everyone listening. Starting with a traditional drum kit, Bandmateloops added slit-drums, bongos and other rich percussion instruments. Complete with multiple fill and ending parts.

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