BandPage Introduces BandPage Connect

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BandPage, the hub for musicians to manage and control their online presence, just expanded their reach with BandPage Connect, allowing musicians to instantly integrate their BandPage profile onto the most powerful social and music platforms across the web for free, including initial launch partners Wordpress, Guitar Center, Midem Music Festival, PledgeMusic, Conduit Mobile, Earbits,StoryAmp, Tixie, Music XRay, Local Music Vibe, WeDemand and The Social Radio. The BandPage Connect API is open for any and all developers to sign up and start using right away on the BandPage Developer Portal.

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Earlier this year BandPage launched BandPage Everywhere, which allows musicians to update their content from one place and publish to their website and blogs. Now, BandPage Connect makes it easy for any online or mobile platform to quickly pull in great musician content once a musician has connected, while allowing them to update their profile at any time within BandPage. If a musician adds a new tour date, profile picture or updates their bio, that change is automatically reflected on any site they've connected their BandPage profile to.

Ryan Kavontrka, Digital Manager for Maroon 5, Sara Bareilles, Gavin DeGraw, and Eve 6, says, "There are a lot of platforms out there that have our bio, photos, and videos, but the info they have about us is out of date and we don't have a way to change it. This makes it so that any member of a band or their manager/label can update the content, not just the guy who knows HTML. If you're connected with BandPage, you know your entire online presence is up-to-date."

This new BandPage Connect offering is coupled with a gallery where musicians can go to find out about new services powered by BandPage, called the BandPage Connect Center. The BandPage Connect Center makes it easier for musicians to discover new opportunities like setting up a mobile app with Conduit or fundraising for a nationwide tour through PledgeMusic, entering a music competition like Guitar Center’s Singer-Songwriter 2 contest or claiming their presence on a third party site so they can control it for the first time.

“There’s a need for a better infrastructure for musicians across the web and we’re laying the pipes to do it,” says BandPage Founder and CEO J Sider. “With BandPage Connect, external sites win because they get up-to-date rich content from musicians, and musicians win because it takes a fragmented ecosystem of sites to manage and pulls it all together."

Live Launch Partners
Today BandPage is excited to announce its live launch partners, companies that represent the diverse landscape of musician services, from ticketing to social media to crowdfunding. They include Wordpress, Guitar Center, Midem Music Festival, PledgeMusic, Conduit Mobile, Earbits, StoryAmp, Tixie, Music XRay, Local Music Vibe,, WeDemand and The Social Radio, and BandPage will be continuing to add more over time.

"As we've worked with the BandPage API it's been very flexible and allows us to customize the look and feel so that musicians content fits into our site the way we designed it to be. With over 100 musicians playing at our conference/festival, there’s a lot of back and forth asking them to send all their info to us. Now with BandPage Connect they just have to click a button and their BandPage profile is pulled in automatically," says Marc Pelletier, Business Development Manager, Technology and Digital Media at Midem.

Features of BandPage Connect include:
Easy Brand Management for Musicians
BandPage Connect makes it easy for any musician to manage the way their profile is represented across the web. If a musician changes their profile photo or bio, that change is automatically reflected on any site powered by BandPage Connect. With over 500,000 musicians ranging from arena performers to regional bands, BandPage has taken steps to ensure that musicians are in control of their personal brands.

Adaptable to Any Service Displaying Music Content
Whether a musician is looking to crowdfund their next project, submit their music to a competition, or build their musician profile on a new service, BandPage can streamline that process. Anyone can now build out the music content on their site with very little development time using Extensions or the raw API. From established companies to early stage startups, developers are encouraged to sign up and start using BandPage Connect

BandPage Connect Center
BandPage is also launching the Connect Center so that all Bandpage users can now have a single place to go to and see the sites online where they can connect and reach fans. Musicians can browse through the gallery of services, read through the descriptions and then go directly to those sites to connect their BandPage profiles. For developers, the Connect Center is an opportunity to get their service in front of 500,000+ musicians.

Companies interested in implementing the BandPage Connect functionality on their own sites can do so now on