Banning Boring Loops in Acid

Objective: Reduce the “boredom factor” with loops by chopping them into pieces, then using those pieces to create stutters, breakbeats, and other variations.Background: Acid can display loops in a “Chopper” window. Here, you can select certain portions of the loop, and transfer these selections directly into your project. For example, isolate a 16th note snare drum hit, and transfer it over multiple times to create an “instant snare drum roll.”

1. Go View, then drag down to Chopper and click on it to open up the Chopper window (or type Alt-2).

2. Click on the track name containing the loop you want to chop.

3. Click at the beginning of the section you want to chop.

4. Right-click in the window, and choose the desired selection length (e.g., 16th note).

5. With Acid stopped, place the cursor where you want the chopped signal to start.

6. Click on the Insert button to place the chopped section on the track; the edit cursor will jump to the end of the section. If you click again, another chopped section will be added to the current edit cursor position. This shot shows a 16th note snare hit inserted four times.