Bastl Instruments Releases First Batch of DIY Kits

Tea Kick, Noise Square, grandPa, Skis and ABC are Now Ready
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Bastl Instruments is happy to finally announce their first batch of modules as DIY kits. "It took us some time, but we worked hard to get all the instructions and steps in making of the kits right, and we hope that everyone building them will arrive at a perfectly working unit," an executive said. "We are now ready with Tea Kick, Noise Square, grandPa, Skis and ABC. To set these apart from our regular production, we have decided to use laser engraved wooden panels, which also gives a new stylistic twist to these modules."

Prices excluding VAT

Tea Kick - more than just a drum - DIY Kit: 70 eur
Noise Square - noise and square source - DIY Kit: 70 eur
grandPa - granular sampler - DIY Kit: 143 eur
Skis - dual decay + vca - DIY Kit: 70 eur
ABC - 6 channel mixer - DIY Kit: 62 eur

Come to daddy - repair service for kits - 25 eur

You can order these at our shop

Come to daddy

Because we don't want any half finished kits or broken modules out there, we came up with a paid service to help people in case they get in trouble. If you are unable to make your kit work for some reason, even after going through all our trobleshooting guides, you can send the module back to us and we will repair it for you. If you buy the Come to daddy product in less than a month after we shipped it to you, you will get a free shipping back.

Shipping address
Lars & Riget s.r.o.
Moravské náměstí 13
602 00 Brno
Czech Republic