Behringer announces Wing digital mixing console

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Behringer has announced Wing, a digital mixing console rumored to have been been 30 years in the making.

Wing offers eight Midas Pro mic preamps and eight Midas pro outputs, 24 motorized 100mm faders divided into three separate and configurable sections, ‘plug and play’ remote I/O connectivity for up to 144 input and output signals over three AES50 ports, a large capacitive touchscreen display, and a touch-sensitive channel editing section that offers 11 rotary encoders and a dedicated color TFT. 

An optional module adds 64 x 64 channels of audio over Ethernet, with support for Waves’ SoundGrid or Dante/AES67 technology. Wing can operate as a 48 x 48 USB 2.0 audio interface and a DAW remote controller with support for HUI emulation and the Mackie Control standard. You can also use Wing as a live recorder, too. There's space for two SD cards that let you capture up to 64 tracks, with markers for identifying song positions. 

Other features include an additional four-channel control section, a Premium FX rack that offers eight true-stereo processors and includes TC algorithms and Lexicon, Quantec and EMT emulations, and a standard FX rack that contains a further eight true stereo processors that take care of workhorse effects. Outboard effects can be blended into the mix as well. There are five variable plug-in processing slots for all 40 stereo input channels, as well as an insert FX slot and 4-band parametric EQ for all eight stereo aux channels. A further custom control section features more buttons and rotary encoders, and you get four main, eight matrix and 16 aux stereo buses that feature dual inserts, 8-parametric EQs, stereo imager, full dynamics processing and more.

Wing's price has yet to be announced. Stay-tuned at Behringer's website for more info!