BEHRINGER Blasts the Beach

In its first appearance at a Winter Music Conference, Audio equipment manufacturer BEHRINGER didn't just make a splash—it created a tidal wave.
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More than 1,500 music industry insiders, musicians and journalists flocked to its JUST LISTEN Soundstage for the "Roots NYC" fashion show and dance party after sundown on Friday, March 28 at the red-hot locale 11th and Ocean, right in front of the Versace Mansion.

"A lot of big people saw the show, saw the equipment and had a really good time," BEHRINGER DJ gear guru Alex Ceda said. "Hedge and Vega gave our new DDM4000 Digital Pro Mixer a real workout."

Scott Garside, BEHRINGER Communications manager added, "The front of house system was probably the largest all BEHRINGER system raised to date; with eight EUROLIVE P2520 dual 15" full-range cabinets, 16 B1800X PRO subwoofers and 20,000 watts of power provided by EUROPOWER EP2500 power amps."

The event, coordinated by the New York City-based Kayz Agency, featured performances by Grammy-winner Louie Vega, house music mogul Kevin Hedge and soul singers Amp Fiddler and Eric Roberson. The grade-A lineup rocked the oceanfront party via two gigantic stacks of BEHRINGER speakers and a bevy of BEHRINGER amps and mixers.

Fiddler and Roberson's performances were voted best live performance of the conference by music and media site, which also cited the event as being one of the conference's top nine Best Parties.

"Eric had the crowd in the palm of his hand from the minute he hit the stage," Richard Kayz, president of the Kayz Agency, said. "At the peak of his show he worked the crowd into frenzy when his house anthem 'Don't Change' began with its signature keyboards. No words other than utter magic."

Kayz continued, "By the time Detroit’s own Amp Fiddler hit the stage it was a party. Amp and his amazing band took it to another level as he performed hit after hit to the adoring crowd. Amp hit them so hard that he dropped to the floor and started playing his tri level keyboard rig with his feet! The crowd went nuts!"

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