Behringer Releases Updated Windows Driver for BCA2000

Behringer announced the availability of the BCA2000 Windows XP driver Version 2 for downloading, free-of-charge at the Behringer website.

The B-Control Audio BCA2000 is a high-speed USB 2.0 multi-channel audio/MIDI interface with multiple simultaneous digital and analog ins and outs, including instrument inputs, adjustable limiter and a monitor control section.

The BCA2000 USB 2.0 device driver was totally rewritten and offers an improvement in reliability and performance, as well as new features.

The improved performance and new features of the BCA2000 Windows XP driver Version 2 include:

  • Greatly improved stability
  • Drastic reduction in system load, freeing CPU processing power for audio tracks, software instruments and effects
  • New switchable USB 1.1 mode (for USB 2.0 hosts only) with full support for ASIO/WDM
  • New WDM settings page in BCA2000 Control Panel allows users to select recommended bit depth, sample rate and number of output channels, including support for several surround formats
  • Greatly simplified driver installation process -- simply double click on the "Set-up.exe"

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