Ben Fong-Torres Riffs on the Famous—and Almost Famous— in His New Book

Becoming Almost Famous collects many of the best articles from veteran Rolling Stone writer Ben Fong-Torres. While many people will recognize Ben as he was portrayed in Cameron Crowe’s hit film Almost Famous, his thoughtful and engaging stories have been providing a backstage view for over 30 years.

This book features a slew of entertaining and enlightening music and pop-culture pieces on legendary musicians and topics such as groupies of the ’80 and the Summer of Love. “Ben Fong-Torres was out there in the thick of it and brought his stories home with love, wit, and elegance,” says Rolling Stone Publisher/Editor Jann Wenner.

Becoming Almost Famous includes captivating photographs throughout and a foreword by former Rolling Stone writer David Felton. Featured artists include Paul McCartney, Al Green, Emmylou Harris, the Grateful Dead, The Band with Bob Dylan, and more. Alongside rock ’n’ roll, Fong-Torres’ subjects include Cheech and Chong, Steve Martin, and Frank Sinatra.

Proclaims the Rev. Al Green: “I appreciate Ben Fong-Torres for writing about me early in my career for Rolling Stone. And he’s still writing about me—my music and my faith—today. Let’s stay together!”

Becoming Almost Famous also includes personal essays about growing up Asian-American and about Ben's interest in radio broadcasting. Through insightful introductions to every article, Fong-Torres offers an inside view of the writing and editing process, from getting an assignment and developing an idea to an article’s completion in printed form.