Best Service K-Size Electro Edition

Style: Dance—electro, house, tech-house, progressive, dash of trance

K-Size loop libraries offer samples in a wide variety of formats— they’re compatible with just about anything.

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Style: Dance—electro, house, tech-house, progressive, dash of trance

Product type: Library collection with loops (including a construction kit slant) and one-shots

Loop formats: Acidized WAV, Apple Loops, REX2, RMX, WAV

One-shot formats: Mapped to patches for Ableton Live (Drum Racks, Samples, and Simpler), Battery 3, EXS24, Halion, Kontakt, NN-XT, WAV

Stats: 831 unique loops, 1,716 unique one-shots

Resolution: 44.1kHz/16-bit

Documentation: PDF with installation instructions for oneshots and the various compatible instruments

The loops are organized in four folders—Beats, Hi-Hats, Synth & Bass, and Addon. Beats tend toward four-on-the-floor electrohouse rather than Kraftwerktype offbeats, but all lay down an excellent foundation. Related loops are named similarly (and tonal ones include the key signature), making it easy to locate variation loops.

The construction kit angle comes into play when layering other loops on top of the beats, particularly as the hi-hats are broken out into separate loops. Stretch editing is good for the REX and Apple Loops files, but not for the Acidized ones due to missed transients and not having a base pitch assigned, requiring manual transposition. If you use Acidized loops and need to stretch much from the 128BPM default, use Acid or Sonar to edit them for optimum stretching.

Putting together tracks is easy: The only hiccup is having to transpose Synth & Bass loops; a lot of them are in A and C, but you’ll also run into the occasional A#, G, etc. Regardless, if you’re into electro that leans toward house, Electro Edition gives solid, well-recorded, muscular tracks—and the relatively specific focus lends itself well to loop mix-andmatch. It doesn’t take much browsing to find plenty of loops that work well together; Electro Edition is equally comfortable complementing existing tracks or laying a foundation, yet doesn’t sound generic.

Well-recorded. Topical. Loops work well together. Good Apple Loops/REX stretching.

Acidized loops have inconsistent stretching quality. Base pitch not assigned.

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