BIAS Introduces SoundSoap Pro 2

BIAS, Inc. has announced version 2 of its SoundSoap Pro professional audio noise-reduction and restoration software plug-in.
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BIAS, Inc. has announced version 2 of its SoundSoap Pro (Mac/Win; $599 MSRP) professional audio noise-reduction and restoration software plug-in.

SoundSoap Pro combines four restoration tools: broadband noise reduction, click and crackle removal, hum removal, and a noise gate. In version 2, the broadband noise reduction tool has been enhanced with new adaptive noise reduction (ANR) algorithms, which allow you to automatically extract and re-learn a noise profile.

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According to the manufacturer, SoundSoap Pro's approach to multiband noise reduction focuses on speed, usability, and performance. SoundSoap Pro groups 512 frequency bands into 12 discrete threshold and reduction sliders. The sliders may be grouped with a lock button, and 12 vibrant level meters assist in threshold adjustments. Choose between two traditional noise profile learning options, snapshot and timed, plus new ANR options for automated dynamic noise profile analysis. SoundSoap Pro 2 also features a tool area with a real-time spectrogram that provides constant visual monitoring of spectral noise.

The plug-in's integrated interface lets you access any tool quickly and easily from within a single plug-in window. Tool navigation tabs are labeled clearly from left to right in the suggested order for the operations to be performed; the tabs also provide parameter feedback, allowing you to monitor the primary tool settings globally, regardless of which tool is currently selected.

SoundSoap Pro 2 supports major plug-in hosts, such as BIAS Peak, Digidesign Pro Tools, Apple Logic, SoundTrack, GarageBand, MOTU Digital Performer, Steinberg Nuendo/Cubase, Cakewalk Sonar, Adobe Audition, and others.

Expect SoundSoap Pro 2 to be available in the second quarter of 2009. Current SoundSoap Pro customers will be able to upgrade to SoundSoap Pro 2 when available for a nominal fee to be announced upon release. Those who have purchased new retail editions of SoundSoap Pro from April 15, 2009 and on will be eligible to receive a free downloadable upgrade to SoundSoap Pro 2 when available.

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