Big Fish Audio: Nu Metal City

Contact: Big Fish Audio, www.bigfishaudio.comFormat: DVD-ROM with 30 construction kits in three formats: WAV, REX, and AppleLoops: 16-bit/44.1kHzPrice: $69.95

Averaging around 23 files per construction kit, Nu Metal City has the usual Big Fish format: a mix file with all elements, and each element broken out separately. Because it’s Nu Metal, you’ll find some scratches and synth textures, along with power drums, snarling basses, and buzzsaw guitars.

The loops are all played live by real humans, which gives them an authentically killer vibe — although the downside is that sometimes the timing doesn’t line up precisely when you’re mixing loops from different kits. As if you care: This is about crushing the listener, not finessing him, her, or it with metronomic precision.

The music spans the range from heavy and powerful, to sounds capable of destroying rodents at 30 feet (or perhaps are part of some CIA mind control experiment). You can often rely on a single kit to get through a couple minutes; but if you want to go longer, you’ll probably need to combine elements of different kits. However, some of the stylistic, tempo, and key variations discourage a mix-and-match loop mentality, so putting together a long or complex piece takes more work than usual.

But so what? The proof is in the sounds: Go to and check out the demo I put together. First, though, sign the document releasing me from all liability. You’ve been warned.