Big Fish Audio: Nu Metal City V2

I liked the original’s rude, dark, intense vibe—in fact, soundtracks I created with it showed up on quite a few videos. Can lightning strike twice? The format is the usual Big Fish formula: Construction kits (25 total) at various tempos and keys, as indicated in the file names; loop options are non-Acidized WAV, Apple Loops, Stylus RMX, and (where appropriate) REX2. All kits also have a mixed “audition” file containing the kit elements. Stylistically, V2 has more variation than the original, and a sound quality upgrade, but retains the sheer head-banging power even while branching out into wider territory.

One of the strongest points is having a dozen or more relatively short variations on drums and guitars, allowing you to put together convincing parts with interesting variations instead of just looping the same parts over and over and over . . . some of the guitar lines even make harmonies when layered. In fact, everything fits together like a somewhat anti-social jigsaw puzzle. Other standout features: nasty “atmosphere” effects, a few wicked synth and scratch parts, intense guitar one-shots, and a folder of “X-tra Hardcore Drum Loops” that sound like Keith Moon on black metal. The audio example at doesn’t show the variety, but shows the power. Check it out, and you’ll see why this gets a major thumbs up.

Big Fish Nu Metal V2

Contact: Big Fish Audio,

Format: DVD-ROM with 1,055 loops (1.36GB) in multiple formats; 84 guitar one-shots (99MB); 24-bit/44.1kHz

List price: $99.99