Big Fish Audio Pure Rock Hits

Style: Radio-friendly rock

It’s arranged like a construction kit, but Pure Rock Hits is a good example of modern needledrop music—the music is defined, but unlike earlier needledrop music, easy to rearrange.

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Style: Radio-friendly rock

Product type: Construction kits

Loop formats: Acidized WAV, Apple Loops, REX2, RMX, WAV; drum stems are WAV only

Stats: 20 construction kits, with drum loops supplemented by multitrack drum “stems” (WAV only), 1,491 unique loops

Resolution: 44.1kHz/24-bit

Documentation: PDF with instructions for using the different formats

This library is more about “needledrop music”: The construction kits break a song down into different sections of different instruments, inviting re-arrangement (extend or shorten sections, weave instruments in and out, etc.). The guitar parts are great—melodic and “hooky,” with complementary electric, distorted, acoustic, and picked parts. The bass lines are also strong; keyboards play a more supporting role.

The drum loops are disappointing, though. They’re overcompressed, with muffled—not crisp—mixes. Fortunately, the parts are also available as stems, so you can create your own drum loops out of the “raw materials.” They’re only in WAV format, so to stretch tempo you’ll need to do transient marker editing; also, some of the levels are rather low. On the plus side, the stems avoid the limitations of the loops, and get props for including overhead and room mics so you can customize the ambience. I wish more libraries would take this approach.

Using the drum stems means it takes longer to put songs together, although you gain the advantages of flexibility and customization. But the stars here are the infectious, well-played guitar parts; if the clock is ticking really fast, combine them with drum loops from another library. For a rock tune or video theme that people will hum after the music stops, Pure Rock Hits has the goods.

Pop/rock guitar riffs with a high “hook” factor. Easy to re-arrange songs. Multi-track drum stems.

Drum loops are overly compressed. Using stems requires some effort.

$99.95 MSRP

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