Big Fish Audio RiG Urban Workstation

Style: Urban, rap, R&B, pop

This top module shows the loop slice editor with pitch being edited, while the lower module is an instrument’s effects section set to show editable parameters for the delay effect.

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Style: Urban, rap, R&B, pop

Product type: Virtual instrument with looped patterns and playable instruments

Loop formats: Playback within free Kontakt 4 Player, can sync to host tempo

Stats: More than 1,200 patches, 26GB sample library (compressed, requires 15GB disk space)

Resolution: 44.1kHz/24-bit

Documentation: PDF with Kontakt quickstart and info on instrument interfaces

Our second Kontakt 4 library can also be a plug-in (VST, AU, RTAS) or work standalone, but is quite different from most Kontakt instruments—it recalls Avid’s Transfuser, as it’s optimized for a specific musical style, and offers various distinct instrument “modules.”

The loop/sample library has what you need for urban production (drums, synths, guitars, basses, hits, keyboards, horns, pads, strings, pianos, etc.), but there are three different instrument types with different interfaces. For example, drum loops have a slice editor that can edit pitch, amplitude, reverse, filtering, etc. per slice, with 16 “slots” (presets) for storing your edits. Playable instruments have 12 editable effects, as well as envelope, legato, and microtuning parameters. Arpeggiation-oriented instruments add dual step sequencers (for gate, pitch, attack, decay, lowpass, resonance, highpass, and pan with 4 to 64 steps) to the instrument options, and offer 32 presets of settings. The instrument interfaces are obvious, although you need to learn the Kontakt interface as well.

Within the limits imposed by a dedicated musical style, RiG is all about fast & fun. Fast because of the compatible sounds, fun because it’s easy to create tracks and edit them into useful variations. Within minutes I had funky guitar, moody organ, and ethnic/hip-hop drum loops grinding away—then playing bass and horns on top gave me all I needed. Nice!

Well-chosen sound/ loop library. Inviting, obvious interface with more flexibility than initial impressions might indicate. Many parameters controllable via MIDI. High fun factor.

Electric bass is underrepresented. (There are lots of synth basses.) Could use a few more special effects. Kontakt Player doesn’t allow for auditioning without loading.

$199.95 MSRP

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