Big Fish Audio Rock Star

Actually I’d go more for “pop star,” as this is more like a melodic strain of alternative rock than, say, punk or heavy metal. I could easily picture these loops behind a Hilary Duff single, which is not damning with faint praise, but telling it like it is: This is commercial, top 40, mainstream music that could easily slide into the soundtrack of a zillion TV shows. Instrumentation is drums, bass, guitar, acoustic guitar, and some piano; the recording quality is good (bass and guitar more so, drums less so), but not particularly exceptional.

End of story? Not quite. Each construction kit typically has 30–50 files—much more than average, and they’re relatively short. These loops are like little micro-hooks, and you could cherry-pick a few files from several construction kits to provide a foundation for your own original material. Once you overdub some leads, percussion, voice, and some pads, you’ll end up with something no one would ever recognize as being inspired by a sample CD.

While not incredibly original or unusual, I use sample CDs such as this quite a bit as they present a neutral canvas on which you can imprint your own personality, and work well in many contexts. And like other Big Fish construction kit CDs, they’re great when you have to put together something stylistically coherent under a tight deadline.

Contact: Big Fish Audio,
Format: DVD-ROM with 25 construction kits duplicated as WAV, REX, RMX, and Apple Loops files; 24-bit/44.1kHz
List Price: $99.95