Big Fish Audio's Rotation DVD ($99.95) is packed with more than 1.5 GB of loops and samples designed for pop and R&B music production. The loops are provided
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Big Fish Audio's Rotation DVD ($99.95) is packed with more than 1.5 GB of loops and samples designed for pop and R&B music production. The loops are provided in three popular formats: WAV, REX2, and Apple Loops (AIFF files). Folders for each format reside inside two main style folders, Construction Kits and Guitar Loops. Also included are a basic Read Me file and a demo of Ableton Live 4.

File Mix

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Big Fish Audio''s Rotation DVD includes more than 1.5 GB of pop and R&B loops and samples in WAV, REX2, and AIFF files.

The entire collection was produced and compiled by producer Matt Haines and composer Steve Sechi, both of whom have impressive resumes. The guitar loops were played by two of Los Angeles' top Pop/R&B session guitarists, Shea Welsh and Les July. Most of the Construction Kits WAV files are stereo and are recorded at 24-bit, 44.1 kHz resolution. A few, however, are mono (electric basses, for example) and others are 16-bit WAV and SD2 files.

The guitar loops are a mixture of 16- and 24-bit mono files. The REX2 files are formatted the way the WAV files are and include appropriate slice points, while the AIFF files are predominantly 16-bit files in mono and stereo. The sampling rate of all files is 44.1 kHz.

Scanning the folders for suitable loops is a breeze, because of a smart directory and file-naming scheme. Folders are numbered for easy recall, and the folders' names display the loops' beats per minute, key, and, for the guitar loops, whether they are acoustic or electric. Using Ableton Live and Propellerhead Reason, I scanned the contents of each folder, previewing each loop and freely composing from scratch.

The Construction Kits are aptly named. Each of the 25 folders contains between one and three slightly different multi-instrumental 8-bar clips, followed by a loop of each instrumental component. Individual drum hits are also provided as standalone samples. Instruments run the gamut from acoustic and electric basses, guitars, and strings to electric pianos, Clavinets, flutes, brass, and a wide variety of synth tones. The styles range from sexy and hip-hop flavored to mellow jazzy numbers, and from little ditties reminiscent of Prince, Rockwell, or Morris Day, to grooves tinged with Middle Eastern accents. Original tempos range from 75 to 130 beats per minute. The collection offers a nice variety of styles; all drums are electronic, however, even if a few sound more acoustic than others.

Sound Construction

The sound quality of the Construction Kits is excellent; experienced engineers recorded all of the loops and samples with quality equipment. The complete loops with instruments are premixed with nice stereo separation and excellent balance, and the creators wisely included all components as raw files, allowing users to create their own mixes. The only exception is the drums, because individual drums are not provided only as sampled hits and not in loop form. The program material is appropriate for the intended genre, and all files are neatly arranged enabling even the most novice producer to crank out a tune within minutes. Furthermore, most of the material can work across different genres.

The Guitar Loops cover a variety of acoustic and electric guitars, from tight lead snippets and minimal chord strums to the requisite wah-wah funk rhythms and distorted electric rock licks. The playing is tight and the loops are spot-on; the sound quality of the Guitar Loops, however, isn't as pleasing as that of the Construction Kits. Although that might be an unfair comparison because the Construction Kits are composed primarily of electronic instruments, some of the Guitar Loops sounded a tad harsh in my monitors, and most of them contain a heavy vibrato effect. That doesn't render them less useful, but it does mean there's less tonal variety by comparison.

In addition, there are some gaps in matching keys between the two folders. For example, of the 14 Guitar Loops folders, 4 are in D minor, while only one folder of the Construction Kits uses that key. The Guitar Loops sport 2 folders in D-flat, although there is no D-flat material represented in the Construction Kits. Some matching keys are present, yet to get the most use out of this collection it would be helpful to supplement it with other source material.

Cool Tools

Taken individually, the two folders contain an excellent variety of tight, well-recorded, and conveniently named modern-sounding groove material that is ready for instant, Top 40 pop construction. And the included individual drum samples and REX files provide the goods with which to manually rearrange and spice up the provided loops and build new drum maps for your favorite sampler.

Overall Rating (1 through 5): 4
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