Big Fish Audio Technocore

’Cause tonight we’re going to party like it’s 1989 . . . if you missed the rave scene the first time around, follow the signs to the abandoned warehouse with the monster sound system, look for the Happy Faces, expect your body to vibrate from the four-on-the-floor kick — and keep an eye out for the police.

However, it’s not 1989, and the techno here is a shade softer. This isn’t Belgian hardcore techno, the disco-tinged Italian variant, or the relentless German strain, but the more flowing version heard in French clubs of that era. The 25 construction kits stick to minor keys, and average around 145 bpm (total range is 120 to 180 bpm); each kit also includes isolated drum loops and various hits, affording a degree of customization.

Quite a few of the loops have reverb, which contributes to the softer vibe but also limits their aggressiveness. I would have preferred drier tracks, but if you’re into the type of sound embodied in these loops, the reverb makes the loops more plug-and-play.

Those who want the really hard stuff may be put off by ambience. But if you want techno that could also fit in a soundtrack or video game, provide beats for other musical adventures, or form the basis of a genre that’s perhaps more 2009 instead of 1989, Technocore lays a suitable foundation.

Contact: Big Fish Audio,

Format: DVD-ROM with 990MB of WAV files loops (loops also duplicated in Apple Loops/REX formats) and demo version of Ableton Live 6; 24-bit/44.1kHz
List Price: $99.95