Big Fish Audio Unleashes Hybridizer 2 Sound Library

Bunker 8 Digital Labs™ has taken the reigns off this 4.3 GB insane creation. With over 6,500 different pieces of sonic inspiration, Hybridizer 2™ transcends all musical genres, creating the chimerical soundtrack of the modern.

Hybridizer 2™ includes an easy to use interface for rapid sound searching and auditioning capability. There are Rex Files, Hybrid Hits, Acidized™ Wav files, Bass Grids and Guitar Grids. There is no end to the sonic inspiration that this library will provide for your next video game score, feature film soundtrack, interactive media project or hard edged musical endeavor. You name it; this library will make it sonically possible.


  • 4.3GB library of over 6500 files!
  • 45 Construction kits
  • BPM's range from 65-145

Construction kits include:

  • Drums
  • Beats
  • Bass
  • Piano
  • Synth
  • Keys
  • FX
  • Guitar
  • Organ
  • Bass
  • Effected Distortions
  • Harsh Atmospheres
  • Twisted Aural Nightmares


  • Easy to use Interface for auditioning/sampling of all Hybridizer 2 disc content
  • 8 Bass Grids
  • Reason Refills
  • Guitar Grids
  • Loops from 65- 161 BPM
  • NN19 Sampler Kits
  • ReDrum Kits
  • REX Files
  • Kontakt Sampler Bass Programs and Samples
  • Kontakt Sampler Guitar Programs and Samples
  • NNXT Sampler Bass Programs and Samples
  • NNXT Sampler Guitar Programs and Samples

New features:

  • Key and Tempo Information Provided for all construction kits, loops, guitar grids and guitar shop sounds.
  • Interactive Interface: find that loop-hit-refill file-guitar shop groove quickly and easily.
  • Guitar Grids: 24 Full multisampled guitar sounds using Native Instruments Kontakt
  • Bass Grids: 40 note for note multisampled bass sounds using Native Instruments Kontakt and Reason's NNXT Sampler
  • .rx2 compatible files provided for: Drums, Percussion, and Bass
  • A complete Reason Refill of all Hybridizer 2 construction kits, laid out in sample Reason songs for quick loading/auditioning/arrangement of the entire Hybridizer 2 library.


  • Sampler sets
  • ReDrum Kits
  • Reason Songs
  • FX Settings

Hybrid Hits: One-off sample shots/hits of "key moments" of Hybridizer 2 material:

  • Drums
  • Percussion
  • Bass Stabs
  • Guitar Shots
  • Chord Keys
  • Whacked Distortions
  • Vocalized Hits


  • NNXT
  • Reason
  • Kontakt
  • REX
  • WAV
  • ACID

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