Bitwig Releases Bitwig Studio 1.2 Beta 10

Key Features Include Group Tracks, Pop-Up Browser
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 We're approaching the final stages of beta testing, but there's still work to be done! We encourage you to take time, explore and get deep with this latest beta version of Bitwig Studio 1.2. You can read more about the new features on the Bitwig Studio 1.2 Beta page.

To download the Bitwig Studio 1.2 Beta 10, login to your account, visit your account profile and click the Beta Download button in your license section.

Please send us your engine and application crash reports, even if you leave the comment field empty. It helps us track down the most frequent crashes quickly.

If you have any additional feedback, issues or questions, please email Remember to include the specs of your setup: hardware, operating system, audio interface, and the steps to reproduce your issue.

Bitwig Studio 1.2 Beta 10 Key Features

  • Group Tracks
  • Pop-up Browser
  • Visual Display For Dynamic Devices
  • Device Inspector
  • Project Templates
  • High-DPI and Retina Display Support
  • Customizable Shortcuts: 
  • Computer Keyboard + MIDI Controller
  • Per Project Mappings: 
  • Computer Keyboard + MIDI Controller
  • Jack Support + Jack Transport
  • Poly to Mono Modulation Mappings
  • Pressure Note Expression
  • Expressive MIDI Support
  • Roger Linn "LinnStrument" Support
  • Roli "Seaboard" Support

Projects saved in the 1.2 Beta cannot be opened with previous versions of Bitwig Studio.