Black Moth Super Rainbow, Eating Us (Graveface)

You know what's been Eating Us lately? (Get your mind outta the gutter.) Black Moth Super Rainbow's latest release, of course.
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Flowing to fit the shape of their container
Known for squeezing lo-fi psychedelic grooves out of slightly ramshackle machines, Pennsylvania outfit Black Moth Super Rainbow ventured into a proper studio for the first time while recording Eating Us and emerged with a new luster hovering around their expanded sounds. Producer Dave Fridmann brought experience from working with the likes of The Flaming Lips and Weezer and helped BMSR spread out their noisy edges to let everything breathe and flow. At their core, the songs are still built around the same components, and with its intertwined analog synth leads, crashing rhythms and vocoded lyrics, opener “Born on a Day the Sun Didn''t Rise” makes it known that despite some brighter touches, BMSR is by no means done creating haunted moods. Still, those brighter touches add a lot as expressive strings add emphasis on “Gold Splatter,” and on “American Face Dust,” they make a banjo lead sound comfortable amidst everything. Whether setting a languid beat adrift or adding fervor to an already insistent melody, the added nuances find appropriate places in the mix. Most importantly, BMSR sound comfortable letting their sound stretch out to fill bigger spaces, and in doing so, they keep the small things finely tuned. [4 out of 5 stars]