Blackstar Releases Amps in Limited Edition Red Color

HT-5R and HT Club 40 Amps in Red
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Blackstar Releases HT-5R and HT Club 40 Amps in Limited Edition Red Color

Blackstar’s award winning HT-5R and HT Club 40 tube amps are available in an amazing new limited edition vibrant red covering with vintage style basket weave fret cloth.

The HT-5R offers killer tones, innovative features, and a stereo digital reverb, making it the ultimate practice amp. The push-pull power circuit produces the crunch and break-up characteristics of a traditional 100 Watt amp, delivering a sound rich in tube harmonics and compression even at the lowest volume levels. The Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) works with the three-band EQ to extended tone-shaping control. The emulated speaker/headphone output offers both 1 x 12" and 4 x 12" settings, and can be used along with the speakers. A jam-along stereo MP3/line input is also provided. The HT-5R features a single 12” Blackbird 50 speaker.

The HT Club 40 delivers authentic boutique cleans and super high gain overdrives. As a 40 Watt, 1x12 combo amp based on rock-solid EL34 power stage. Equipped with two channels and four foot switchable modes, the ideal gigging tube amp for club sized venues. Each channel features and independent voice switch that greatly enhances this amps tonal versatility. The three-band EQ is augmented by the Infinite Shape Feature (ISF), which works with the EQ to provide infinite new tone-shaping control. With a Celestion speaker, reverb, emulated output and effects loop this amplifier will set a new standard for flexible, gigging tube combos.

About Blackstar

Formed in 2004 by four friends (and band mates) who bring over 50 years combined experience in guitar amplification design and production, Northampton, England-based Blackstar introduced its first products in 2007 at the Frankfurt Musik Messe. Since then the company has grown and its legion of fans include Bootsy Collins, Al Jourgensen of Ministry, Neal Schon of Journey.