Blocs Wave v9.0 Music Making App gets Seamless Exporting to Ableton Live

Start Music with Blocs Wave, Finish it with Ableton Live Export
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Start Music with Blocs Wave, Finish it with Ableton Live Export

Blocs Wave v9.0 Music Making app gets seamless exporting to Ableton Live.

Making music on iPad and iPhone lets you be creative anywhere, at anytime, however there is always that moment you want to take your idea further. Blocs Wave for iOS v9.0 helps just that. We’ve worked with Ableton, adding a handy Export feature for all Ableton Live users. To celebrate this release, we’re making Blocs Wave available at an over 50% off price for a limited period of time.

Start your tune in Blocs Wave, recording and tweaking sounds wherever you are. Then when you're ready, export to Ableton Live. The enhanced integration names your pads, converts them to clips, sets the tempo, clip size, and arranges the sounds neatly onto the powerful Ableton Live Session grid.

For users of other DAWs, Blocs Wave also has a Project export option. This also collects all your sounds, including any tweaks, and creates a folder for you to easily transport them. You can then take this to any other DAW including Logic, Protools, Garageband, or even other apps.

For existing users on iPhone and iPad, this is a free update.

Highlight Features

  • Export all your project sounds to Ableton Live from iPad or iPhone
  • The Grid positions, names, tempo, pad colours are all maintained
  • For Non-Ableton Live users a project Export option can also be used

Other Improvements

  • Other minor improvements & bug fixes

Blocs Wave is usually priced at £4.99, $6.99, €5.99, but is now reduced for a limited period of time.

About Blocs
The Blocs team grew out of Focusrite & Novation, where they were responsible for innovations such as the original Launchpad hardware and the Launchpad for iOS app. They are now based at Tileyard Studios in Kings Cross, London. Learn more about them here