BluGuitar Announces Availability of REMOTE1 and LooperKit

Pedal and Switcher Extension Available Now
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BluGuitar GmbH today announce that the awaited BluGuitar REMOTE1 pedal for controlling and switching the acclaimed BluGuitar AMP1 and the optional LooperKit, a pedal switcher extension for REMOTE1 are now available at dealers world wide.

With REMOTE1 all the functionality of AMP1 can be directly accessed via 9 switches and organised in 4 banks with 9 Presets each. With the built in MIDI-out guitar players also can switch programs of external MIDI-FX-devices simultaneously. Adding the optional LooperKit turns the BluGuitar AMP1 into a full blown programmable switching system with 4 independent true bypass relay oops for FX-Pedals.

REMOTE1 is a comfortable foot controller that provides direct access to all of AMP1’s functionality. It even expands AMP1 features by providing a switchable second master volume, programmable gain for all 4 channels and even a programmable power soak. The channels CLEAN, VINTAGE, CLASSIC and MODERN can be directly addressed, adding BOOST, REVERB and FX-LOOP also programming a second master volume is a breeze. All these plus individual master volume, gain and powersoak settings can be stored in presets. Connecting REMOTE1 with AMP1 is very conveniently done with a standard mono jack guitar or speaker cable that also caters for the REMOTE1 power supply and data transfer.

The optional LooperKit expands the BluGuitar AMP1 system with 4 independent true-bypass-relais-Loops for including effects pedals. Each REMOTE1 preset can address the loops individually and combine those loops with any AMP1 settings. This makes the pedal board “tapdancing” a thing of the past.

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Pricing and availability
BluGuitar REMOTE1 is available at dealers for Euro 349,- / USD 349,- / GBP 249,-
The BluGuitar LooperKit is available for Euro 249,- / USD 249,- / GBP 169,-

About Thomas Blug

Thomas Blug is a guitarist who has enjoyed years of international acclaim. His unique sound has an allure that is almost impossible to resist. Thomas Blug’s arrangements and compositions feature in film and TV soundtracks, and recently, tracks such as “Victim of love” have even hit the charts. His virtuoso guitar playing has also seen him honored with awards like “Best German Rock-Pop Guitarist” and “FENDER Strat King of Europe”.

Fans from all over the world attend his seminars, workshops and courses, because the name Thomas Blug has become a veritable “seal of quality” for amazing guitar sounds among players.

Alongside music, Thomas has been an electronics enthusiast since childhood. This fruitful combination has made it possible for him to develop electronic equipment to his exact tonal needs and to then make optimum use of the resulting sound qualities for his musical ideas. In 2010, UK firm Vintage honoured Thomas Blug by producing a replica series of his valuable original guitar – his 1961 Fender Stratocaster.

In 2014, Thomas Blug’s experiences as a musician and developer have led him to a new stage in his career – the founding of his own company, BluGuitar. Here, Thomas is living out his musical and technical passions by developing innovative products for guitarists. From now on, his visions as an entrepreneur and his productivity as an artist will go hand in hand.