BODY GLOVE Keyboard and Guitar Cases

Whether your gear lives in a studio or hits the road with you, instrument cases are a necessity that few musicians want to spend money on. Nevertheless,
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Whether your gear lives in a studio or hits the road with you, instrument cases are a necessity that few musicians want to spend money on. Nevertheless, a quality case promotes the longevity of your gear far better than the cardboard box it originally came in.

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The keyboard controller case includes in-line rubber wheels and straps on the back to hold a folding keyboard stand.

eBlitz Audio Labs has begun distributing Body Glove instrument cases for guitars, keyboards, drums, and cymbals. Besides being branded by one of the world's most recognizable logos, these cases offer a number of features that make them worth the extra investment.

All Keyed Up

All of the Body Glove cases are hybrid designs: water-resistant, nylon-based soft cases that have a variety of reinforced areas. For example, the sides on the keyboard cases feature ABS plastic strips reinforced with a flat strip of steel. The lid has a layer of dense foam and a thin sheet of ABS plastic, and the bottom of the case has two thin plywood sheets — one at each end of the case — that are attached to the sides with strips of steel. Using two sheets of wood rather than one gives the back of the case a bit of play.

There are several Body Glove keyboard cases in the line: two 61-key cases, a standard model for synths ($269.95) and one for controllers ($249.95); an 88-key case for synths ($329.95) and for controllers ($299.95); a 76-key case ($279.95); and a 25-key controller case ($239.95). The bottom of each case has heavy-duty rubber in-line wheels, which you'll appreciate when it's time to lug your weighted controller down a hallway. The rubber feet on the bottom of the lid let you stand the cases up vertically.

The lid of the cases, the thickness of which varies according to whether it is the Standard or the Controller version, has two pockets: a large rectangular one and a smaller one. The bottom of the case has 1.5-inch straps designed to hold your folding keyboard stand. The cases have double stitching throughout, reinforced lower corners, 2-inch carrying straps, and rubberized handles and zippers.

Overall, the keyboard cases feel robust. I received 61-key and 88-key cases (it wasn't clear whether they were the Standard or Controller size), and I was able to fit a 61-note Dave Smith Instruments Poly Evolver keyboard in the smaller case. Our Alesis Andromeda (also a 61-note instrument) had to go into the larger case because of its depth. In both instances, there was extra room to one side, but the instruments sat snuggly in the cases once they were zipped up.

Have Guitar, Will Travel

Body Glove's guitar gig bags are heavily braced with ABS plastic on the top, the back, and the sides, and they are well padded. The cases have a side handle, a shoulder strap, and a 4-point backpack-style harness with lumbar support, which can be folded away and hidden behind a zippered compartment. The cases feel sturdy enough that I would feel fine about carrying my guitar in one on an airplane; the extra reinforcement will certainly keep the instrument safe in an overhead storage compartment.

According to the manufacturer, the internal fabric has been chemically treated to wick moisture away from your instrument, which is useful for long-term storage purposes and for traveling. Another nice feature is that the area of the lid that covers the guitar's headstock is reinforced with nylon, to protect the interior from being torn by the sharp ends of the strings.

The front of the cases have two large pockets, and Body Glove includes an 8-inch-by-12-inch amp wallet with each gig bag that can be used to hold strings, picks, a slide, a capo, and your car keys. The wallet unzips to 24 inches in width, and the Velcro straps enable you to conveniently attach the open wallet to the handle of your amp.

Body Glove offers five sizes for guitar (a one-size-fits-all electric case, three types of steel-string acoustic cases, and a classical guitar case), and one size for electric bass, all of which are $179.95 each. My caseless ‘50s-era, ¾-scale Gretsch, which isn't a common guitar shape or size, fit remarkably well into the electric-guitar case I received for review. If, however, you have a semihollowbody instrument, you'll have to try one of the other cases.

State Your Case

Although the Body Glove logo puts a premium on the price of these cases, the quality of their build warrants it. The entire line, which also includes moisture-wicking dust covers, are well designed and rugged, and each case comes with a lifetime warranty, which begins when you register it online. You'll definitely want to check out the Body Glove product line the next time you visit the music store.

Overall Rating (1 through 5): 5
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