BoomBox Series Expands with Ethnic Instrument Collection

UltimateSoundBank has announced EthnicBoomBox, the third part of the "BoomBox" series. EthnicBoomBox is a virtual ethnical instrument with Apple Loops for Apple GarageBand, which delivers a collection of ethnic sounds from all over the world.

With over 5000 Apple Loops and 100 instruments, EthnicBoomBox provides ethnic sounds out of Africa, Asia, Balkan, Ireland, Indonesia, Spain, Mediterranean. It includes several rare instruments like Shakuhachi, Jubus, Arabic Violins, Baglamas, Bouzouki, Saz, Luth, lots of rare Percussions and more.

The loop section provides tons of ethnic licks and phrases including fretted instruments (Mandoline, Pipa, Bass, and more), chromatic percussions, voice fx from different countries, rare strings (Sirba, Freilakh, Celtic & Arabic violins, and more) and wind instruments (Bombarde, Irish flute, Bag pipe, Traditional saxophones, etc.).

The collection includes over 100 pro ethnic instruments exclusively for GarageBand and over 5000 ethnic AppleLoops.


  • 4GB of available hard disk space
  • DVD Drive for installation
  • Garageband software running on GarageBand-compatible Macintosh to use the instruments
  • Garageband, Soundtrack, Logic 7.0, Final Cut and other Apple loops-compatible software to use the Apple Loops

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