Boz Digital Labs Releases David Bendeth Compressor Plug-In

Designed to Bring Vintage Sounds Into the Digital Realm
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Multi-Platinum award-winning producer David Bendeth (Paramore, Breaking Benjamin, Papa Roach, Of Mice & Men, A Day to Remember) and innovative professional audio plug-in designer Boz Digital Labs have pooled their years of industry experience together to introduce the David Bendeth Signature Series Compressor Plug-in – the +10db. The first in a series of plug-ins between Bendeth and Boz Digital Labs, the +10db looks to bring the sounds of rare, coveted no longer manufactured vintage hardware into the software realm.

A key part of Bendeth’s sonic arsenal for achieving his signature drum and vocal sound over the years is a legendary British EQ/Compressor, a unit that the +10db is modeled after. This rare analogue unit has never before been designed into a plug-in. Along with harnessing the sonic feel of this unique piece, the +10db also comes with 10 presets that were created by Bendeth, allowing users’ drum and vocal tracks to benefit from his years of experience in the studio.

This plug-in goes beyond the capabilities of the hardware unit and offers new features only found in the digital version such as the “Dry Passthrough” that allows users to achieve parallel compression without having to set up extra buses. By making the move to digital, Boz Digital Labs was also able to eliminate some of the power supply noise found in the original hardware, allowing the unit to be pushed harder without hum. While the original unit was mono-only, the +10db give users the option of running compression over stereo tracks. With shareable presets that work across all formats and operating systems, the unit’s settings can stay consistent even when changing editing programs.

“The +10db recreates a piece of gear that may not be as ubiquitous as other well known counterparts, however the original’s sonic signature has made it a well kept (until now) secret weapon for me and countless other engineers,” says leading mixer and engineer Neal Avron (Linkin Park, Sara Bareilles, Switchfoot). “From the beautiful smash of the compressor/limiter to the oft forgotten, but unique sounding EQ section, this plug-in recreates the personality of the hardware with aplomb.”

Industry leaders are also already seeing the difference the +10 db is making for their drum and vocal tracks. “Like David, this thing is pure rock’n’roll! We’re loving the way it sounds on drums here,” says producer Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Kiss).

The +10db is also finding its way into the mastering space. “It’s what I had hoped it would be. Big, open, punchy and versatile. Very happy to have it in my arsenal," says mastering engineer Ted Jensen (Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, Green Day, Madonna, Eagles, Norah Jones, Mastodon).

The +10db is available for download directly from the Boz Digital Labs website,

About Boz Digital Labs
Boz Digital Labs designs innovative audio processing plug-ins to meet the changing needs of today’s engineers. The company is dedicated to researching new and innovative algorithms and solutions to make music production both easier and inspiring. As computers become more powerful, Boz Digital Labs is looking to harness this capability and explore areas and ideas that were not practical or possible even just a few years ago. This means going beyond re-creating the same established hardware tools and creating new opportunities for its users to express their creativity. For more information, please visit,

About David Bendeth
London, England-born producer, guitarist, songwriter, and A&R executive David Bendeth has worked on and produced more than 80 albums, totaling over 60 million records sold. Included among the long roster of chart-topping artists that Bendeth has worked with are Paramore, Breaking Benjamin, Papa Roach, Of Mice & Men and A Day to Remember as well as high-profile projects such Elvis 30 #1 Hits, with many of these albums going platinum. These experiences have spurred Bendeth to lend his unique drum sound to one of the best-selling drum plug-in lines on the market.

Prior to becoming an award-winning producer, Bendeth started out as a guitarist, touring with the likes of Drummers Billy Cobham and Lenny White. Bendeth also spent time as an artist, hitting the top of the U.K. Charts with the single “Feel the Real in 1980,” later releasing three albums before joining CBS/Sony Canada as Staff producer. His songwriting talents can be seen in Chrysalis Music projects for Joe Cocker (“Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right”) and Jeff Beck (“Ecstasy”) On the Flash album. Bendeth has also held A&R positions at CBS International, for BMG Canada as well as Senior Vice President/Staff Producer A&R for RCA.

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