CAD Audio Reimagines Classic A77 Mic to Celebrate 85th

Updated with a PowerGap High Gauss Magnet and a TrueFlex Diaphragm
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Anaheim, CA––As a key part of this year’s 85th Anniversary celebration at Winter NAMM 2016, CAD Audio is reissuing the classic A77 vocal microphone originally introduced by Astatic in 1959.

The A77 is a large diaphragm, side address dynamic microphone that has been updated with a PowerGap™ high gauss magnet and a TrueFlex™ diaphragm.

In addition to its stylish “retro” cosmetic appearance, the A77 delivers a high-powered, articulate sound that cuts through the mix in any live situation.

Originally described as a “high fidelity uni-directional cardioid microphone,” the A77 featured a wide dynamic range for that time of “30-15,000 c.p.s.”

CAD is also introducing the A77r mic to bring the unmistakable vintage ribbon sound of the past to a range of modern vocal situations. The A77r features a large ribbon element surrounded by PowerGap high gauss magnets that immediately sets the mic apart in terms of warmth, clarity and a full-bodied sound.

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